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Duwamish Head 2014

On saturday we left the dock in Tacoma at 8am and set off for the Des Moines marina and the start of the Duwamish head race.

It was a great down wind sail, the winds at that point were fairly moderate in the mid to high teens, and we had a full main up and no jib and were making 7 to 8 knots with small following waves. Once we got there the wind seemed to pick up, to at least 20 with consistent white caps all around. After some debate as to what sail configuration we should start with, it was decided to go with a double reefed main and #4. We reasoned that we could always shake a reef out if we were going to slow. (and the forecast was for winds 25 to 35 )

J30 Taku sailing upwind

Just about the time we got the reef set up we heard over the radio that the race was canceled. There were only a few boats out. Maybe 5 or 6. Two boats put up their spinnakers and headed north and disappeared quickly in the distance. We got the #4 up and started the beat back to Tacoma.

J30 Taku sailing upwind

It was a fun, wet ride back, the winds were in the mid 20's and maybe 4 foot waves. When we reached Browns point the wind really started to pick up with gusts into the 30's and maybe even at one point 40 or more. (Seatac reported gusts up to 56 mph!) At this point we took the jib down. Dwaine and I went to the bow and tethered ourselves in to wrestle the jib down, while the young guys stayed in the cockpit. Afterwards, we all got a good laugh at this, Kai and Casey were wondering how they managed to send the old guys to the bow, so I told them that Dwaine and I decided that we should show the young guys how to do it !!!

After that is was a nice mellow ride in as we got into more protected waters.

It was good to see that the boat and the crew could handle these conditions. There are a few more things to tweak on the boat to make things easier but it is getting there.

Hope to see at the next race, Toliva Shoal, Feb 8th.