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Thistle 3669 For Sale: $5000 - SOLD

Thistle 3669, aka 'Weatherly', is a GMW (Great Midwest) manufactured boat from 1979. She has teak woodwork. She was one of ten consecutively numbered Thistles purchased for the 'Sailing Foundation' in Port Townsend Washington. After ten years of occasional use this group of Thistles was sold to local sailors. These boats, commonly referred to locally as 'Foundation Boats', have a strong reputation among local Thistle sailors. When we purchased her in 2005 we rechristened her back to the America's Cup based name she was given by the Sailing Foundation. She has been an excellent boat and we are sad to see our Thistle program with Weatherly nearing its end.

Thistle 3669 races on Sequim Bay in 2009

As an oldish boat she is not perfect. The varnish, now well chipped, was last re-done in 2005/2006 but has not been maintained since. The bailers leak a bit. She shows an aesthetically imperfect repair on the aft corner where a car backed into her years ago. A minor race course collision has bruised the outside of the gunnel near the spinnaker block. Despite these imperfections she is still a solid boat.

Weatherly is stored indoors in University Place WA. She awaits your visit.

Here is a list of the included parts/accessories/sails.

Great Midwest Hull with varnished teak woodwork. The varnish has not been maintained and shows its age. I believe the hull was manufactured in late 1979. At 2007 Nationals the boat weighed in at 518 pounds.

Custom steel lowrider trailer (non-galvanized) with 2 1/2 inch oversize axle, 12 inch 5 lugs wheels including a spare, 1 7/8 hitch, and permanently attached bottle opener. Instead of trailer mounted lights Weatherly utilizes a wooden light bar that is also used to secure the boat to the trailer during transport.

New in 2004 NWOD centerboard raised by an improved centerboard drum. North Sails blade bag.

Glass covered wood rudder, painted white, with NWOD round tiller head kit, two aluminum tillers, and one crummy tiller extension. North Sails blade bag.

New in 2000 silver anodized aluminum mast. All metal cable running rigging changed to fiber rigging.

Original silver anodized aluminum boom. All metal cable rigging changed to fiber rigging.

Black anodized aluminum spinnaker pole.

Silva S-10401 tactical compass. (These compasses are highly favored by local sailor Wayne Balsiger who has repeatedly threatened to purchase this boat just to get his hands on a spare compass.)

Class legal bucket, anchor, and rode nicely nestled under thwart.

Box of used Windex parts. (It's easier to see the wind indicators at the top of everyone else's mast. So I never installed my own.)

Larsen Canvas (local guy) trailering cover in good condition. This cover can, in a pinch, double as a mast up/boom down mooring cover.

Well used blue mast up mooring cover with multiple repairs.

Even more well used canvas bottom cover that has a rip. (It still works as the rip is duct taped closed.)

Newish 'Salsa' mainsheet. (is easy on the hands)

Auto ratchets on mainsheet and spinnaker sheets.

Wire rope lifting bridle.

Spectra lifting bridle.

One set of spare standing rigging of unknown age.

Sails from freshest to least fresh:

2007 North Sails NW Cut main, jib, spinnaker. (good condition)
2006 North Sails NW Cut jib. (good condition)
2005 North Sails NW Cut main and jib. (Ok condition)
Pre-2004 North Sails spinnaker. (Ok condition)
Pre-2000 North Sails main, jib, spinnaker. (main ok minus, jib and spinnaker well used)

Inquiries can be made via this contact form.


Thistle 3669 for sale - stern view
Thistle 3669 for sale -  starboard corner view
Thistle 3669 for sale -  port corner view
Thistle 3669 for sale -  bow view
Thistle 3669 for sale -  starboard view
Thistle 3669 for sale -  port view
Thistle 3669 for sale - condition of varnish
Thistle 3669 for sale - forward grate
Thistle 3669 for sale - looking down starboard view
Thistle 3669 for sale - boat and trailer