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This page is the webmaster's 'look what I did!' show off page. Most of the finished products have little to no monetary value but did provide good excuses to slip out to the 'Race Garage' for some Red Green time.

The stainless steel Laser dolly page.

The Eska Electra electric outboard conversion is completed and tested.

In May of 2007 we accepted a free Venture 25 sailboat and have been second guessing the decision ever since. Read a series of tales related to our "Venture Boat" and share our joy (and misery).

My daughter needed a small rowboat. I built her a Blackberry Dory.

A bit of my work play as a Junior Photographer.

A vintage Raleigh Record gets a new heart and a fresh start. After owning this bike for a year another Raleigh, this time a Grand Prix, was Budget Built into a useful tool.

Scavenging parts sourced from three different camera systems has revived a nearly lost manual focus 10d body.

Another experiment: Craigslist meets a Suzuki GS425.