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Stainless Laser Dolly

Sorry, but these dollies are no longer available. I have retained this page for the curious minded. I have created a new page with an image of the only remaining set of laser dolly plans I have.

Why sell a stainless Laser dolly?

All stainless steel Laser dollyI am a dinghy sailor with an engineering education and a mig welder. I like the properties of stainless and when I needed a dolly for my Laser Sailboat, welding one up using all stainless tubing was an obvious choice.

Compare it to Seitech

This comparison is almost apples to oranges. The Seitech is a couple pounds lighter, can be disassembled, and comes with larger wheels. My stainless dolly is lower, will last forever, and has no plastic joints to fail.

Stainless steel laser sailboat dolly

Sell me on your stainless dolly

All stainless steel Laser dollyThe material sells itself. Short of running over it with your truck, you just won't have any trouble with it's all stainless construction. One inch square tubing was chosen for it's cost effectiveness compared to round tubing and the ease at which most weld joints can be constructed. The downside of this sturdy one piece welded frame is that it cannot be disassembled for transportation or shipping.

The basic dimensions and hull support plan is similar to the Seitech dolly. The details, however, emphasize low height. The smaller 10 inch wheels continue this theme.

The wheels required research. The price had to be reasonable but I needed a corrosion proof wheel with a pneumatic tire to roll over uneven or soft surfaces. My choices were limited and I ended up choosing a wheel and tire combination that is smaller than what Seitech offers. These wheels aren't as effective on loose gravel or dry sand as the wider, taller Seitech wheels.

I am selling it for $200 USD. That might be the best selling point I have.

I want one!

I am located in Tacoma Washington, USA. Because of the high cost of shipping an assembled dolly, I am currently only selling locally.

Sorry, but these dollies are no longer available. I have retained this page for the curious minded.