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Tacoma Thistle Fleet #115

The Tacoma Thistle fleet has chosen to not run weekly races. Given the proximity of such great Wednesday evening racing with the Seattle Thistle Fleet at Leschi Park, our active racers make the short drive North to join Seattle's large and competitive fleet. What we lack in weekly racing we make up for with our traveling regatta.

Our fleet plays host to the Sequim Bay Thistle Regatta. Sequim Bay, on the north side of the Olympic Peninsula, is separated from the Straits of Juan DeFuca by a sand spit. This spit stops the waves but not the thermal northerly that blows during the summer months. The result is 10 to 12 knot winds with smooth water. The racing is usually close with many races completed.

Thistles running down Sequim Bay

On shore the Olympic Peninsula does not disappoint. Falling in the rain shadow of the Olympic Mountains, Sequim averages less than 17 inches of rain per year. The John Wayne Marina boasts two launch ramps, a paved lot for boat storage, and shower facilities.

Sequim Bay State Park is approximately 1.5 miles south of the Marina. The fleet reserves the group camp site that sits just above the water. A 'bring your own meat' BBQ is the usual Saturday night social gathering. The Sequim Bay Regatta tradition of strawberry shortcake is well received. The last few years have seen what may be the start of a new tradition. Fresh Dungeness Crab, caught in Sequim Bay by one of the racers, shared as an appetizer before dinner.

Our regatta is typically held in August when the weather is the warmest and the thermal is at it's most consistent. For more information contact Dave Bogue or Dwaine Trummert.